50 years of More

That incredible song “More” form 1962, perhaps the most performed in the history of cinematographic music and that Grammy Award of 1964, with 24 years going by before another Italian won the award; now a milestone to highlight the start of a bright career road for the composer, travelled by the Pesara born maestro Riz Ortolani. A road that, measured by those long ago milestones, has lasted fifty years and is paved with about 400 works that span from cinema to theatre, to symphony and even to contemporary theatre works. Most of all, a road that maestro Ortolani and his compositions have walked side by side and shared with the greatest, most legendary and prestigious names in music and world cinema during this long period that spans from 1900 to 2000. There are about 500 hours of music blessed by innumerable international and world recognition, a small treasure trove accumulated by the maestro Ortolani in half a century of creative activity. Today they are fused and distilled into a bright diamond that extracts all those treasures to create a sum total of 16 hours: a series of 16 CD’s and 2 Dvd’s, which these first four unforgettable CD’s are part of and which begin to light the magic of the notes, the allure of the images invoked by them and the never quite dormant emotions of the immortal voices that created exceptional interpretations of maestro Ortolani’s melodies. Franco Bertini, journalist of Il Resto del Carlino