LA CONGIURA, Firenze 1478

The idea of giving life to a new musical theatre expression existed within Riz already from the time that he was working in America. It was the 60’s, the long association of the maestro with the cinema had just started, in Hollywood the movie versions of the great Broadway musicals were out one after another and already the whole world was dreaming of tap dancing and singing in the rain. Riz witnessed the impact of those great successes and started to think that, just like America with West Side Story and later France with Les Miserables, Italy could also tell its story through the theater and the power of music. The years passed, the time came to give life to another project, and by the same token, the idea for the right story to tell manifested. The right story was the fascinating story of the Pazzi Conspiracy taking place in Florence at the time of the Renaissance. The musical Il Principe della Gioventù [The Prince of Youth] was born, under the backdrop of a turbulent era where both personal and family intrigue and betrayal, mixed with love, religion, ambition and the hypocrisy of political and diplomatic relationships. A unique mix of incredible events and strong emotions lived by very young but extraordinary characters, in an exceptionally rich period for Italian art and culture: the Renaissance.