The moment of talent

An artist of sublime talent, Riz is constantly searching for the latest, for musical and creative progress to bring to life strong and artistically impassioned sound tracks, which today have made him a great maestro in cinema, known around the world.

But Riz is also a witness to an extraordinary period in which Italy was conquering the world with its culture, its allure, and its elegant and simple lifestyle, seductive and melancholy. When we go through his photos we can look through the history of cinema and a constant difference can be seen between the artist and the man; while in his everyday life he is an elegant and well mannered gentleman with a habit of wanting to appear a little gruff, when near his music, he talks about work and the secrets of composition, changes his expression and the tone of his voice, as if his mind and his soul travel in another time and another space.

The great humbleness surprises for a man that was awarded the title of Commendatore [official title for service to one’s country] by President Scalfaro and received the Silver Medal for other artistic achievement by President Ciampi and that, acknowledging his good fortune, is constantly eager to express his gratitude for a life that has given him so much.

Among other things, a great love that lasted his whole life. What he shared with his wife Katyna Ranieri, was almost a symbiosis, living their life and career with a single horizon, a bond that could only be created between two artists who liked the same things and shared the same passion for Music.

What is said about Riz

“Riz Ortolani was able to
translate in his intense and
enthralling music the intimate
collection of creative genius,
his secret tension, and the joy
of accomplishment”

Vincenzo Labella

“I know that through his music
he can help me, he will be able
to give sequence to that which
is missing, bringing to light
what is in the shadows,
shining a light on what
is now dark. This is the miracle
that I ask of him”

Pupi Avati